Ruby Fun Day

Ruby Fun Day is a full day of workshops. There will be activities for beginner Rubyists, and also for the experienced ones.

These workshops will take place in classrooms, so there's more interaction from attendees.

A laptop is suggested to participate in the workshops. Please charge its batteries before-hand.

The 2014 edition of Ruby Fun Day will be on October 23rd, from 9am to 5:30pm, at:

Universidad de Palermo
Mario Bravo 1050

Registration for Ruby Fun Day is free, with priority for the attendees of RubyConf Argentina.

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9:00 Acreditación
9:45 Bienvenida
No vas a creer cómo simplificamos...

Tute Costa

The Guide to Cuba

Francesco Rodriguez

TDD IRL (reloaded)

Lucas Videla

12:00 Almuerzo
Adhearsion - Easy VoIP @ Ruby

Fernando Dario Alonso

Angular on Cuba

Ignacio Gutierrez y Esteban Pastorino

The path to modular UI

Marina Noelia Cabane

Tema libre
Wishful Thinking: Code Review with...

Nicolás Papagna Maldonado

Web Security 101

Francesco Rodriguez

TA one on one date with vim

Cristian Rasch

Tema libre
17:30 Fin
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